Saifi Khan

In the heart of Saifi Village, this project is an amazing refurbishment of a 200 year old houses into superb modern homes and vaulted breathtaking shops surrounding an internal patio.

Cedar House

An artistic conversion and combination of two old houses into a small office building with traditional galleries and fenestration, where the façade is finished with traditional paint. The metallic sun shades protect the glass wall linking the two buildings and suggesting the modern interior rebuilt with open plans made possible by creating one central circulation.

Plus Towers

A bold two building project in the middle of Martyr Square.

Plus Towers have controversial double skin facades. They will testify to the will of the Lebanese to reconstruct their city.

  • 2 Buildings
  • Apartments
  • 15 Floors per tower
  • 6 Basements per tower
  • Completion Date:

Factory 4376

A modern interpretation of an industrial loft building, adapted to create a contemporary residential property located in one of the last undeveloped areas of the Ashrafieh region (facing Sioufi).

Factory 4376 is situated in an area with distinctive appeal and added value. This location offers all the advantages of Ashrafiehwith central, direct and easy access but with very calm and quiet surroundings.

The site is turning into a homogenous community with high-end real estate projects surrounded by approximately 70,000 sqm of public gardens and green spaces.

Garden View

A splendid union of three residential buildings of outstanding architecture, Beirut Central District.

A splendid union of three residential buildings of outstanding architecture, comprising 37 apartments, penthouses and duplexes over 10 floors.

“A property Developer with a soul”
Located in one of the most prestigious areas of the Beirut Central District, it is adjacent to the Marina Corniche, and is surrounded by public gardens. The project is neighbouringthe most renowned hotels in Beirut, and at walking distance from the new Beirut Marina.

The Courtyard

A luxury residential complex in WadiAbu Jmil, Beirut Central District.

This “tranquil inner garden in the dynamic city center” is a harmonious union of three-6 stories high residential buildings overlooking a splendid, private garden.

Inspired by the concept of the Urban Village which started in Germany and Holland but with a local Lebanese twist, the courtyard is a peaceful district in the heart of Beirut.

An ideal place for residents to relax and children to play.

The Edge

A residential project with a newfound perspective on urban living, in Brazilia, Yarzeh.

A residential project of four buildings, housing sixteen luxury apartments with an uncluttered view of Beirut and the Mediterranean.

Situated on the serene hillside of Brazilia in Yarzeh, residents of The Edge can enjoy a peaceful living environment with complete cosmopolitan proximity

District //S

A city within the City, Saifi, Beirut Central District.

With 22 buildings, 40,000 sqm of residential space and 10,000 sqm of retail space. District //S truly represents residential comfort co-existing with vibrant city and commercial life.

District //S has redefined the standards and norms of high quality development. It embraces not only architecture and design but also a complete urban plan that provide its clients and visitors and the public at large, with an array of amenities and facilities.